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Khanisa Darby

Behind The Brand

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"At the age of 11 I discovered my love for cooking and baking. It followed me through High School where I attended a culinary arts program for two years.There I received a formal education in commercial cooking, pastry, and hospitality.
Although I loved the Culinary Arts, I decided to pursue dentistry. After 10 years, I felt unfulfilled and decided to return to my passion.
Instagram: @khanisas
Facebook: Khanisa's

"The Journey"

We began our family pudding journey in August of 2016 at a small local fair in Northampton, PA. My husband Sean and I received such an amazing response that we decided to sell our dessert creations to our friends and family upon request. Word traveled fast and we began looking into legitimizing the operation. We quit our respective careers and took on our pudding venture full time by opening our first mall cart in the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall, PA. Six short months later, we closed our mall cart, closed our commercial kitchen and went back to the drawing board. During that time we sold to family and friends to keep us afloat. In November 2017, we opened our new commercial kitchen and things have been taking off since. We now have 3 retail locations; (Menlo Park Mall, The Mills At Jersey Gardens Mall, and Easton, PA.) In the near future we plan to open more retail locations in a city near you!

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