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Welcome to Khanisa’s official dessert blog.

Enjoy Khanisa’s Instant Pudding Mix ideas and examples to help get your creative energy flowing..

Featured Product: Khanisa’s Instant Pudding Mix (Vanilla)

Whether you own a restaurant, cater, or find yourself doing a lot more in the kitchen, Khanisa’s Instant Pudding Mix makes you feel like you are a top baker. Not only is it extremely easy to make (Just add heavy cream & mix In bowl) but it taste absolutely DELICIOUS! Unlike the box brands artificial flavoring, coloring & preservatives that you find in grocery store brands, Khanisa’s recipe brings you a peace of mind while you dine. With only 6 ingredients & added vitamins you can ensure you are eating a cleaner product than the box brands offer in your local store. Shop at Khanisa’s Pantry.

Check out some of the new pudding creations made with Khanisa’s Instant Pudding Mix.

Easton Wine Project uses Khanisa’s Signature Pudding Mix to create there new Banana Pudding Graham Cracker cup. Check out their instagram @eastonwineproject

Khanisa’s Signature Pudding Mix is used to create a pudding parfait cup. Add a simple yet delicious twist to a crowd favorite. Follow @khanisas on instagram & facebook.

Khanisa’s Signature Chocolate Pudding Mix is used to create a Smore Pudding Cup like you’ve never had before. Be sure to add as much graham cracker and marshmallow as your tastebuds desire. Follow @khanisas on instagram & facebook.

Share your creations!!

We hope you are just as excited as we are to see what you can create with our pudding mix.

Please tag us on instagram and/or facebook if you post your new desserts on your social feeds. We would love to share your ideas with all of our customers.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new blog and explore some new ideas for our Signature Instant Pudding Mix.

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