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Brownie Sundae Pack

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Here’s a cool idea:

How about making your own @khanisas Brownie Sundae at home with your family?

What’s included:

3 Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix Tins (Each Pudding Mix Tin Makes Up 6 (8)oz Cups Of Pudding Only) 

1 Brownie Mix Pack (Makes Up To 10 4inch Brownie or 1 8x8inch Pan or 9x13inch Pan)

Hint: Once you add your heavy cream to your pudding mix and have reached our suggested pudding consistency, set your pudding in the freezer for up to 1-2 hours. 

Take out your fresh baked brownies and scoop your chilled pudding on top of your brownie square. Drizzle chocolate sauce & add whipped cream to create our signature Brownie Sundaes 

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